Fleet monitoring

With fleet monitoring from MEOX you get the best products as well as a state of the art monitoring tool without licenses.

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MEOX has developed a new measurement system for real-time display of mold quantities, silage level, diesel, water and pH values ​​silage.

The system uses wireless transmission from the fleet and does not need access to local networks on the fleet. The control panel is easily mounted outdoors, usually on the railing of the raft. The laser sensors for tank measurement are mounted either in the hatch, on the side, or a suitable place with a clear view down to the center of the silos.

The system is easy to install and requires no setup. Turn on the power and it will be running. No calibration. All viewing is on meox Cloud which has many options.

-View of all silos with quantity in tonnes

-Viewing graphs with selectable time horizon, easy to see filling / emptying

-Easy export of data with the choice of from / to dates

-O2, Salinity and temperature measurements can be monitored in the same program

How it works

The system is really quite simple. We measure the height from the top of the silo and down to the feed.

We then calculate the remaining amount.

What’s special about our system is the mathematic treatment of the signals before we send the values to the customer in realtime.

We employ advanced mathematics for both the digital signal handling, and the probability calculation afterwards to calculate the normal distribution that results in a trustworthy result.

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The system on a barge consists of one sensor per silo and a common central unit that conveys this information onwards to MEOX Cloud.

The sensors are connected via a wire to the central, which is typically mounted using strips or similar to the railing on the feed barge.

Then it just needs to be connected to power and the system is ready to start measuring.

The central checks the status of all connected sensors every 10. min, and then sends all data onward to a webcloud

The central then goes into sleep mode for 10 minutes, before it repeats the checks again.

If desired the readout interval can be changed by sending a SMS message to the central.

When the central is connected to power you can log in to the MEOX Cloud page and see feed levels per silo in realtime.

The story behind

When we got the challenge we started with a more advanced sensor with multiple meters to measure angles etc. But our client made us have second toughts about this

They said it should be a system that was good enough, not cost too much, be robust and should work without maintenance.

Therefore we ended up with one simple robust sensor per silo.

To create a system with a quick and simple assembly as well as stable measurements we have developed a custom system for transmission of all signals.

There are no computers connected. No updates the user needs to worry about. All updates and monitoring of the systems are controlled from our office.

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