API Documentation

To use the API service you need a clientId and clientSecret. We will can create this for all our customers upon request.

OAuth and client credential flow

  1. Your application authenticates itself with a Client Id and Client Secret.
  2. The MEOX API server validates this information and returns an authorization token.
  3. The MEOX server validates this information and returns a authorization token.

How to get a authorization token

Create a HTTP POST request to https://api.meox.no/oauth/token with your clientId and clientSecret in the request body. The token is valid for 7 days. We cache the token for you, so if you cannot cache the token there is no problem calling the /token endpoint before each request to the API.



How to use the token in API requests

When you have received a valid token, you can perform a request to the api service wit the token in the authorization header. See examples below.


If you have any questions about using the API service, please send us an e-mail. We can provide examples for every programming language.

See the complete API specification here