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NEW! Axuda MR

Lavado Magnum is our largest net washer. It is equipped with its own HPU, ie a robust 35kW electric motor that drives a complete hydraulic system on board the rig.

Just like the larger ROVs in the North Sea, this is a well-known and incredibly reliable system.

We also have smaller cleaning rigs, all the way down to 41cm wide, and with its modest 25cm height it comes in almost everywhere. We also have cleaning rigs that lie between these, such as a 5 disc that is 2m wide but weighs a modest 265kg. We have also developed several special rigs for very special assignments.

Get in touch for a chat about what we can offer.

If you have any questions about the product please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Additional information

When Axuda MR is used as a washer with rinse lance:

  • MEOX patented washing system for cavitation cleaning
  • Mixes air in the washing water, gives a very soft jet
  • Very gentle on any surface
  • Uses very little water
  • Full ROV functionality in all directions
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