Guardian MAX

With Guardian MAX you get a complete monitoring system with optional sensors (oxygen, salinity, flow). The logger is wireless and requires no cables or other connections. All information is sent directly to MEOX Cloud. Guardian MAX can typically be used as an anchoring bouy outside the merd. Guardian MAX can be mounted with signal lights.

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MEOX offers a modern product system based on new IoT technologies and a well liked and simple user interface. The bouys have modern lithium batteries for long battery lifetimes and can stay as long as 12 months before they need charging.

If you have any questions about the product please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 12 × 80 cm

MEOX Cloud,

Readout interval

Std 10. min. Can be changed from continuous measurement and up via SMS / Data


Default per website, can be opened for mail / SMS notification

Operating time battery

Typical 12 months*

Charging time

24 – 35 hours

Operating temperature

1 – 40 C

Charging temperature

10 – 40 C

Storage temperature

-5 – 40 C

Sensor technology


Measurement method

Fixed-form optical / Electrical / Sound


1% of reading

Sensor check

Automatic self-diagnosis

Measurement range

10 – 200 %


0.01 ppm

Temperature deviation


User friendly monitoring

MEOX Cloud is our web solution for monitoring of values from all our products and is included for free. Log in from anywhere and get a full overview.

  • Very user friendly
  • See realtime data for all
  • See historic data
  • Follow trends
  • Configure alarm limits
  • Download reports

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Long battery life

Rechargeable batteries ensure long operational time without having to charge. Up to 12 months uptime.


All our products are completely wireless and uses the standard GSM-network for cheap, fast and secure communication.

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