MEOX and the environment

MEOX has a strong focus on the environment, and has as the only company developed a washing system that virtually does not remove harmful copper during cleaning.

Sintef has in a large study over 4 years tested cleaning methods and the report says that if everyone had been cleaning using our technology we could have reduced copper emissions by up to 88%. The test was performed using only high pressure as the driving force for cavitation and after this we have proven that we can clean even gentler with an adjustment in cavitation pressure.

MEOX Axuda

MEOX has also developed a system for collection of waste. Our MEOX Axuda by default collects to closed bins.

All our environment meters are equipped with rechargeable batteries for a long lifetime so you don’t have to continuously throw away alkaline batteries. We have also reduced the energy requirement to a minimum so they rarely need to be charged, typically once per year. This ensures the batteries have an extremely long lifetime.