Dead fish handling

Collect fish and inspect the net at the same time

Disease outbreaks and unexplainable deaths may sometimes occur in aquaculture facilities. Anu eventual dead fish should be removed quickly as their body will soon begin decomposing, especially in warm water. A body may contaminate the water and risk the health of other fish in the merd. If it has died of disease, the last thing you want is that other fishes start eating its body parts, so it should be removed immediately.

Dead fish removal isn’t just a precaution against spreading disease. Another reason to do it is that dead fish can attract unwanted animals to the vincinity of the facilities. Seal, spike fish and other animals can attack and attempt to eat the dead fish which may result in a hole in the net.

By using a fish collector from MEOX you can drive around on the bottom and collect dead fish, and perform a net inspection at the same time. This is a quick, effective and simple way to collect dead fish while also keeping the net clean.

  • Remove dead fish quickly
  • Simple controls via joystick and camera
  • ROV-functionality at the bottom
  • Lower it to the bottom, drive it around and collect dead fish directly to the boat
  • Removal of feces/mud in closed enclosures