MEOX Axuda B is a thoroughbred board cleaner with suction.

It was first developed for cleaning ships, but we have later seen that it can do much more. It has a flexible cleaning system so that it can wash around steel pipes as well as flat plates. This type of rig has washed everything from huge steel platforms with pipe constructions down to small aluminum boats. Equally effective on everything. We can even remove rudders without damaging the bottom lubrication. If you must / want suction, it is possible on this rig. It is prepared for suction as it is often required when washing ships near land. But it can also wash other objects / areas as you can replace the washing system with your own washing skis, standard with fixed nozzles on the arm in front, or custom. (The entire bottom is replaced in a few minutes with 5 12mm bolts).

  • Very gentle against net and impregnation
  • Uses ordinary nozzles thus needs very little water
  • Small amounts of water and low pressures ensures a high fuel efficiency
  • Full ROV functionality in every direction

If you have any questions about the product please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Additional information

Axuda B comes with 5 or 6 thrusters depending on wishes and needs for maneuvering.

Like all our other washers, it covers the following:

  • Meox patented washing system for cavitation cleaning
  • Mixes air in the washing water, gives a very soft jet
  • Very gentle on surfaces such as bottom lubrication
  • Uses very little water
  • Low water and low pressure gives very low diesel consumption
  • Full ROV functionality in all directions

Feel free to contact us by phone or mail if you have questions about the product.

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